Aluminium Bi Folding Doors

Ellipsis aluminium bi folding doors, folding sliding doors, also referred to as bifold doors, folding patio doors, sliding folding doors, Concertina doors; can provide a bespoke solution to the restrictions created by the boundaries of traditional exterior and internal doors and windows.

Bi Folding doors can open far wider than conventional French doors and offer up to 95% clear opening as opposed to the typical Patio doors which only offer 40%.

Whole walls can now be literally and effortlessly swept aside in seconds enabling any room to embrace the great outdoors. Where large areas of glass require minimal sightlines to provide almost uninterrupted views but still with the ability to be opened up - the aluminium folding doors can provide an ideal alternative solution.

We do not recommend the use of uPVC for such doors, as we believe that with its tensile strength, reaction to temperature heat variations i.e. expansion and contraction, in addition to the unsightly sightline widths, make it suitable only in the manufacture of single doors, French doors, small patio doors and windows.

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