Bris Soleil / Solar Shading

A wide variety of elliptical blades ranging in size from 100mm to 450mm form part of the solar shading system. Included with these blades is a large selection of fixing brackets allowing the architect flexibility when designing a feature facade.

The fixing plates enable designers to choose the desired pitch and the positioning of the blades within the limits of the structural integrity of the chosen blades. Fixing either horizontal or vertical panels of Brise Soleil to any of the Façade systems is made easy with the use of a specially designed brackets, which have been fully tested for load bearing capacity by the Centre for Window & Cladding Technology (CWCT). The Bris Soleil system is manufactured from extruded aluminium therefore colour, structural stability and longevity are not an issues. It also can be supplied in a Decoral (wood finish) or most RAL (powder coated) colours.

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